Effective Date: July 11, 2016

Kraft Heinz Canada Privacy Promise

Here at Kraft Heinz Canada, we recognize that many consumers are concerned about the personal information they provide to us and how we treat that information. That's why we've developed a Privacy Promise to address those concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Promise or if you wish to view your personal information file, change or correct your information or have it deleted, you can contact us at:

Kraft Heinz Canada Privacy Officer
Kraft HeinzCanada ULC.
95 Moatfield Drive
Don Mills, ON
M3B 3L6

Or call us at 1 (800) 567-5723 (9 a.m.-9 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.)

Our Policy

This Policy covers Kraft Heinz Canada’s collection and use of consumers’ personal information.


At Kraft Heinz Canada, we collect personal information from consumers via direct mail, questionnaires, sweepstakes, contests, product packaging, in-store promotions, magazines, byphone and mobile phone, and through our web sites or other on-line means.However, we don't require you to provide such information in order to communicate with us. But by providing information, including by registering for our websites, you may use certain additional features that allow you to receive or access your favourite recipes and participate in our interactive communities. Sharing this additional information with us also helps us customize your website experience. In addition, we may use the information you provide us to send you offers and information about Kraft Heinz, its portfolio of brands and its partners. Here are the ways we collect and use personal information.


To take full advantage of our offers, you may choose to register on our sites. In the registration process, we request certain information (such as your contact information, age, interests and preferences) so we can provide you with the communications you request, tailor our websites to better meet your needs and customize our contacts with you.

Contests, Sweepstakes and Games

Our sites and other materials may contain notices of contests, sweepstakes and games that you can enter. We use the information you provide to conduct the promotion (for example, to contact you if you’re a winner).


When you ask us to send you recipes, cooking ideas, or other content by e-mail, you may provide us with certain information like your e-mail address so we can fulfill your request.

TASSIMO Brewer Registration

If you register your TASSIMO brewer on Tassimo.ca, we may ask you for certain information so we can activate your brewer warranty, contact you in the event of warranty issues and provide you with offers, updates and product testing and sampling opportunities from time to time.


When you participate through the community portions of our sites, such as using our Recipe Exchange, message boards, or other interactive functions, you may submit information and content, such as a recipe, rating, picture, etc. to the site. Remember that what you post or upload to the site will be publicly available, so please exercise caution when deciding whether to disclose anything personal about yourself. Kraft Heinz Canada cannot control the actions of third parties who may view the website and use publicly-available information for their own purposes.

Contact Us Link

If you contact us through the ""Contact Us"" link on this site, we ask you for information such as your first name, e-mail address, and other information, so we can respond to your questions and comments. You may choose to provide additional information as well.

Other Website Features

We offer visitors to our websites various features for their enjoyment, which we change from time to time. We may ask you to submit certain personal information so we can provide you with these features.

Questionnaires and Surveys

We may ask consumers to complete surveys and opinion polls to provide feedback on activities, attitudes and interests. These surveys help us understand the needs of our consumers.

Other Direct Communications

We may also communicate directly with you via other methods suchas direct mail, product packaging, in-store promotions, magazines, and by telephone. Information you give to us when communicating using such methods, allows us to provide you with the communications and offers you request, or to conduct promotions, or to help us understand the needs of our consumers and to tailor our products, websites and communications to better suit those needs.

Information Collected By Automated Means

We may use cookies, web beacons/pixel tags, log files, barcodes and other technologies to collect certain information about visitors to our websites, use of our online services, coupon redemptions and interactions with our emails and online advertisements. For example, through these means, we may collect your browser type and operating system, viewed webpages, links that are clicked, IP address, sites visited before coming to our website, emails we send that you open, forward, or click through to our website. Or we may track redemptions of coupons downloaded from a Kraft Heinz Canada website. Collecting this information, and linking it with your personal information, helps us to best tailor our websites and enhance your online experience by saving your preferences while you are visiting a particular site, and to help identify products, site features, recipes, advertisements, and offers that maybe of particular interest to you.


We also may use third party advertisements placed by ad networks to support our sites. Some of these advertisers and ad networks may use technology such as cookies and web beacons/pixel tags when they advertise on our sites, which will also send these advertisers and ad networks information including your IP address, your ISP, the browser you used to visit our sites, and whether you have Flash installed. Kraft Heinz Canada as well as some of these advertisers and ad networks also may use anonymous data, such as demographic data, received from third parties to assist in the delivery of advertisements to you.


These advertisers and ad networks use the information described above to provide you relevant advertisements from third parties when you are on Kraft Heinz Canada websites, or Kraft Heinz Canada advertisements when you are on participating third party websites, based on your online behavior, search activities on our sites and on other third party sites, demographic information and/or relevant to your general location, so that the advertising you see on our sites and third party sites more closely reflects your interests and needs. For example, if you search for, or browse, a recipe or product on our site, you may see an advertisement from a third party with information about, or an offer similar to, that for which you were searching or browsing on our site, or an offer related to a third party whose site you have visited in the past. You may also see a Kraft Heinz Canada advertisement on a third party’s website. We adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising.


You can set your Internet browser settings to stop accepting new cookies, to receive notice when you receive a new cookie, to disable existing cookies, and to omit images (which will disable pixel tags). Note that the opt-out will apply only to the browser that you are using when you elect to optout of advertising cookies. Without cookies or pixel tags though, you may not be able to take full advantage of all of Kraft Heinz Canada’s website features. Note, however, that our systems may not be able to recognize Do NotTrack (DNT) headers from some or all browsers.


You can learn more about third party advertiser cookies by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s page here. If you would like to see which third parties are collecting information on our website and/or to opt out of some or all collection, please see more information here. For more information about your ability to opt-out of advertising that uses your personal information, you may also contact our Privacy Officer. Please note that even if you opt-out, you may still see KraftHeinz Canada advertisements; however such advertisements are not displayed to you based on your personal information.

Information Collected From Other Sources

We may obtain information about you from other sources, including commercially available sources, such as data aggregators and public databases. This information may include name, demographic information, interests, and publicly-observed data, such as from social media and shopping behavior. We also may collect information from your social media programs when you contact us through a social media platform. We may combine this information with the information we collect from you to help us tailor our communications to you and to improve our services and products.

How We Use Your Information

We may use the information we collect to contact you from time to time. For example, we may send you promotional offers, materials, and other communications and information about Kraft Heinz Canada, its portfolio of brands and its partners. You may receive these communications in advertising that is directed to you via third party sites and media platforms, including social media. We may respond to your comments or questions, or contact you if needed while processing a product or service you requested through our websites. We also may use the information you provide to contact you for your opinions on Kraft Heinz Canada products, services or websites. As described in this Privacy Promise, we also use the information we collect about you to improve our website, products and services, and to deliver content that is customized to your interests. We may make your information anonymous, so that it is no longer personally identifiable, and use that information for our consumer research and analysis purposes.


We will not share any information you give us with anyone outside of Kraft Heinz Canada except as described in this policy. We do not share your personal information with unaffiliated third parties for their own marketing purposes unless you consent to such sharing. We may share your information with our parent and affiliated companies among the Kraft HeinzCanada group of companies in order to provide the services you have requested, or to process or use the information as described in this PrivacyPromise. We may also share your information when required or permitted by law, and with those suppliers, or advertising and promotional agencies that need to have access to the information to provide the services you have requested.


We may conduct joint promotions with other companies. We may share with our promotional partners (and their service providers) certain personal information as necessary to conduct the promotion. We will not share this information with our promotional partners for any other purpose unless you consent to such sharing.


In limited circumstances we may also transfer your information to potential buyers of all or a portion of any Kraft Heinz Canada business or other assets. In that case, we will use contractual means to ensure the potential buyers promise to keep your information secure, and, if the sale or transfer proceeds, to only use the information for the purposes for which you disclosed it and in a manner consistent with this Privacy Promise. In addition, if any bankruptcy or reorganization proceeding is brought by or against us; such information may be considered an asset of ours and may be sold or transferred to third parties. Should a sale or transfer occur, we will use reasonable efforts to try to require that the transferee to only use the information for the purposes for which you disclosed it and in a manner consistent with this Privacy Promise.


By visiting a Kraft Heinz Canada website or participatingin Kraft Heinz Canada activities you consent to the collection and use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Promise.  If you do not wish your information to be collected and used for these purposes, you should take steps to refuse or disable cookies and other technologies asdescribed in this Privacy Promise or not participate in an activity.  If we have collected your information through your participation in Kraft HeinzCanada activities, you can request the deletion of your information from our files or change your preferences for the use of that information by contacting us in any of the ways described at the beginning of this Privacy Promise unless that information is required for the activity that you wish to participate in, or is required to be maintained by Kraft Heinz Canada for audit purposes or by law.


If you're registered and logged onto Kraftcanada.com, you canalways change your preference for follow-up contacts, or advise us of changesin your circumstances (such as address) just by clicking here and editing yourprofile. If you're not registered on the site but receive communications from KraftHeinz Canada and wish to change your contact information, you can send usan email or write to us (see our contact details at top of page).


We protect your personal information with appropriate securitymeasures, and we require our suppliers, and advertising and promotionalagencies to do the same. We will only keep your personal information for aslong as it remains necessary for the purpose it was provided or as required bylaw. Then we will delete it.


Kraft Heinz Canada is part of the Kraft Heinzgroup of companies. Website hosting, storage and management of electroniccommunications, and data processing within the Kraft Heinz group of companiesmay be done via servers located outside of Canada. Some of our supplier, advertising,or promotional agency service providers as described above may also be locatedoutside of Canada. As a result, your personal information may be accessible toregulatory authorities in accordance with the laws of other jurisdictions. Ifyou wish more information about Kraft Heinz Canada’s policies andpractices with respect to the transfer and processing of personal informationoutside of Canada, please contact Kraft Heinz Canada in any of the waysdescribed at the beginning of this Privacy Promise.


Before providing your name, address, or email address to us, besure to ask your parents if it's ok.


Some portions of our websites may be directed to children under13, where we conduct sweepstakes, games, or other promotions (“Contests”). Wemay permit a child under 13 to enter a Contest by giving us a first name, age,email address, and any other information needed to conduct the Contest, alongwith the name, email address, or other contact information of the child’sparent or guardian. We then notify the parent or guardian about the child'sentry, and offer the parent or guardian an opportunity to withdraw the entryand remove the information from our files. If the parent or guardian agrees tothe child's participation in the Contest and the child wins, we will contactthe parent or guardian for any further personal information needed for prizedelivery.


We do not use the child's personal information for any purposeother than completion of the Contest, and we do not share the information withothers (except our supplier, advertising, or promotional agencies in connectionwith the administration of the Contest), unless we have the parent orguardian’s express consent. We do not make a child's participation in a Contestor any other online activity dependent on the child's disclosing more personalinformation than is reasonably necessary.


We also might permit a child to send us an email, or to send anemail to a friend through our site. We will respond to or deliver these emails,but we do not keep the names, email addresses, or the emails themselves, nor dowe share them with others (except supplier, advertising, or promotionalagencies as described above).


Upon proper identification, any parent or guardian can review anypersonal information we have collected from his/her child. The parent orguardian may also ask that the information be deleted from our files, and mayrefuse to permit further collection or use of the child's information. If youare a parent and wish to exercise these rights you can send us an email orwrite to us (see our contact details at top of page).


Our websites may include links to websites belonging to others.We have no control over these sites and cannot be responsible for how theowners of these sites may collect, use or disclose and otherwise treat yourpersonal information.

Updates To This Privacy Promise

We may change or update portions of this Privacy Promise at anytime. Please check back from time to time so you are aware of any changes orupdates to the Promise. We will indicate the Promise’s effective date on thefirst page of the Promise."